Posted by: Sheila Duffy ASHS | June 1, 2011

WHO warns one billion will die from tobacco as it marks World No Tobacco Day

This year’s World No Tobacco Day (31st May) has helped to throw into sharp focus the global cost of tobacco industry profiteering.

With increasing restrictions on their marketing and promotional activities in developed countries, tobacco manufacturers have turned their attention to aggressively opening new markets in developing countries, where controls are lighter and they can exploit marketing and promotional methods long outlawed here.

The developing world’s share of global cigarette sales has risen sharply, to over 70%. If current trends continue, it is estimated that one billion people will die from tobacco in the 21st century, and the majority will be living in countries that can ill afford the burden of disease and early death that tobacco causes.

Tobacco companies headquartered in the UK continue to push their lethal and often addictive products out to countries where the human aftermath will be intolerable. It is time to hold tobacco companies to account for their role in this rising global epidemic.



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